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What is SuperSmallStuff?



Do you have a miniature obsession too?


Super Small Stuff celebrates all things tiny and cute - the kind of stuff you want to squish and love and carry around with you wherever you go. Show off your favourite characters in jars, wear your Reminis lockets as reminders, and just plain have something small to smile about today!






How it all began...

When I was little, I discovered miniature ceramic ornaments. Well I didn't discover them of course, but they existed before my very eyes. My mother had bought little animal figurines for home decorations. I would secretly take one of the figurines out of the cabinet and marvel at it for hours. If it was ever missing, my mom would know to come straight to me to ask about it. 


As soon as I was old enough to use scissors, I would cut up the characters from my picture books (and my sister's, of course) that were drawn tiny. The books that suffered the most losses were Clifford and Curious George books. :) I was in love with tiny little creatures and I dreamed of making my own some day. 


Years later, I discovered clay. I finally found a medium that I was completely satisfied with and could help me create my very own tiny little figurines.


Now I spend hours staring at super small stuff again, but this time, in order to make them. To all the adoptive parents of SuperSmallStuff, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and love! It makes my sore eyes and achy body fully worth it when I imagine you marveling at one of my creations! 

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